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noted on Sun, 15 Aug 2004

DBI-Pg problems and OS X 10.3

Dear chrome,

I was trying to install DBI-Pg on OS X 10.3. I installed the postgreSQL bundle. I had problems. Googled, found your page on DBI::Pg problems on 10.3.

At the very end, you write “Here’s hoping google spots this and it can help someone else..”

Google spotted it. It helped me. Thank you. I hope this link to your post will boost the search result ranking.

PS, if you or anyone else with related experience reads this, I still had problems with some of the tests. On t/02attribs, I got messages like this:

Can't set DBI::db=HASH(0x8950c0)->{CrazyDiamond}: unrecognised 
attribute or invalid value at t/02attribs.t line 94.
Failed test (t/02attribs.t at line 96)        
Can't set DBI::st=HASH(0x801234)->{CrazyDiamond}: unrecognised 
attribute or invalid value at t/02attribs.t line 106.
Failed test (t/02attribs.t at line 108)       
Failed test (t/02attribs.t at line 270)    
#          got: undef
#     expected: '0'

I went ahead and installed it, because it was still 99.14% ok, but any insights would be appreciated.

tall ship