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I'm always interested in infrastructure that brings people together and facilitates communication. I'm currently exploring social software, markup & scripting languages, and abstract games.

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noted on Tue, 05 Aug 2003

Who has the biggest?

Setting: my parent’s family room.

Cast: Daughter, Me, Bunny & Frog (the latter two sounding much like me).

Audience: Dad. Mom & wife are fussing over the baby.

Bunny: Where’s my nose?

Daughter: (points to Bunny’s nose) Here!

Bunny: Right! And where’s Frog’s nose?

Daughter: (points to Frog’s nose) Here!

Bunny: Right again! And where’s your nose?

Daughter: (points to her nose) Here!

Bunny: Wow! You’re so smart! So, who has the biggest nose?

Daughter: Daddy!

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