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I'm always interested in infrastructure that brings people together and facilitates communication. I'm currently exploring social software, markup & scripting languages, and abstract games.

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noted on Thu, 15 Jan 2004

Properties of the WSMD

A WSMD file should look like this:

  1. Each file describes the current ‘section’.
  2. If other sections exist, a link is provided to their WSMD file.
  3. If its not a section, an entry is added to the current WSMD file. This entry has the following properties:
    1. a URI to the asset
    2. an indication of what it is (possibly by mime-type, or a consistent use of terms)
    3. a description of what it is

In choosing those constraints, I feel that the resulting files will tend to be quite small and easy to read through, and quick to parse, even for extremely large sites.

One more thing to talk about before going into implementations: we need to talk about how WSMD files are discovered.

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