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noted on Mon, 11 Aug 2003

How to Make Clothing Fit Better: As Taught by a Toddler

One day, my daughter re-discovered a deflated nursing pillow, and asked for it to be inflated. My wife, tiring of blowing it up by mouth yet again, decided to fetch a pump to pump air into it. My daughter loved this, and set about playing with the pillow.

Later on in the day, my wife went though the kids clothes, putting away the ones too small to fit, and setting out larger versions. This task wasn’t done, as the boxes containing the clothes hadn’t yet been put away.

All this, of course merely sets the stage for this funny story. Please remember that my daughter was, at the time of writing, only 27mos old. Now I can start the story.

I was home and futzing about in the kitchen when my daughter ran in with one of the shirts too small for her. She managed to get her head and one arm in, and needed help with the other one. No problem. Still cool she managed to get 2 out of 3, though. I help her get the other arm in the sleeve, pull down her shirt, and she ran off to watch tv with her mother.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, my wife (her mother) espied her in the shirt and exclaimed, “Oh, I love that shirt! I wish you could still fit in it!” My daughter, upon hearing this, left the room and ran back to me.

She told me she wanted the t-shirt off. No problem. I help her take it off, and she runs away again - back to the family room to be with her mom.

It was also in the family room that the aforementioned air pump was lying. My daughter puts the shirt down on the ground, grabs the pump, inserts the correct end into a sleeve, and commences pumping for a few moments. My wife watched this with some surprise and amusement. Then, with some fanfare, my daughter extracted the hose, held up the shirt, and proudly exclaimed, “Bigger, mommy, bigger!”

If only life was that easy.

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